Our 4 Signature Practices That Make Our Meat Unbeatable

Our Four Signature Practices

Here at the farm, we have four signature practices that we have perfected since our beginnings in the 1920's.  These practices ensure we bring the most flavorful, healthy, and tender black angus and simmental angus beef directly to your table

1:  Well Being

The health and well-being of our animals is our number one priority. It is essential to the outcome of our beef product, which is why we care about it so much.

Since our beginning in the 1920s, cattle have been a source of food and income for our families. Over the years, our cows have also been a source of joy, relaxation, and inspiration to us as well. 

We guarantee that our cows are watched over daily to ensure they never have a lack of the essential elements they need to be as healthy as possible.  

We are anti-biotic free and we vaccinate our herd.

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2: Husbandry

Here at Mills Farm, we take lots of pride in our cattle husbandry. On our farm, genetics (especially bull genetics) is essential. We raise Black Angus and Simmental (Sim) Angus beef.  We use data provided by the American Angus Association when choosing the bulls for our herd. 

Black Angus bulls are known for producing superior marbling, tenderness, and the best flavor possible.  Marbling means fat that is evenly and thinly distributed through the meat, resembling  the appearance of marble stone.  The marbling ensures each bite is juicy, tender, and full of flavor.

When you buy meat from us, the meat is 100% traceable.

3: Diet

At Mills Farm, cows and calves have many feed options to choose from, including daily options of pasteurized grasses, dry and silage hay, and corn silage. The food is always available around the pasture, with the freedom to roam as nature intended. Although all of the feed is excellent and palatable for the cows, corn silage is by far their favorite to eat, which is an extraordinary thing because corn silage is the most significant portion of our steers' and heifers' diets. Our herd is pasture-raised and grain finished, which speaks volumes about their nutrition and overall health. 

These feeding techniques produce an exceptional balance flavor.

4: Signature Dry Aging

We dry age our meat for 14 days.  When we say this is is the most tender and flavorful meat you can find, we aren't lying. 

It is with great pride that we offer to your family an opportunity to partner with ours in bringing you top of the line farm raised beef.