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There may be a 2-3 week delay for processing. Please include your telephone number with your order

Provide your family with high quality angus beef and have the peace of mind of knowing the meat in the freezer is local, healthy, and ethically raised. (Learn more about our cows and farm here)

Get a perfect mix of our signature dry-aged steaks, roasts, ribs, and ground beef.  Approximately 210 lbs in the following cuts:


NY Strip

Filet Mignon


Skirt Steak

Flank Steak

Chuck Roast

Rump Roast

Shoulder Roast

Stew Beef

Ground Beef

Cube Steak




Price includes processing and vacuum sealed meat delivered to your door.


When ordering, you may choose to pay a 50% deposit or pay the price in full.  If you select deposit, we will send you an electronic invoice for the remaining balance when the meat is ready for delivery or pickup. The deposit is necessary to cover the costs of processing and cutting the meat.  

After your order, we will contact you for any special instructions and delivery

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